Dale Fye

MVP_Horizontal_FullColorOur owner, Dale Fye, has worked with Microsoft Access for over 20 years and has been designated as an Access MVP each year since 2013.

Dale began his database career while working for the US Army as an Operations Research Analyst.  His first database applications were written in dBase II, III, and Clipper, but when introduced to Microsoft Access, in 1995, he fell in love with the Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment, the ease with which Access connected to multiple database sources, and flexibility of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Dale has used Access to develop database applications which collect data (extract, transform, and load), update data (custom data entry forms) , and report on data residing in Access, dBase, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Excel.  He has written applications in the areas of human resources, operations, logistics, finance/accounting, document storage and retrieval, electronic data interchange (EDI) and modeling/simulations.  He has also written applications which create or manipulate (automate) Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents from within Access.