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Today I published Part I in a series of articles written to assist Access developers in their efforts to improve user experience when working with Excel in their applications.  Many of my clients have migrated their business processes from working primarily in spreadsheets to working in custom database applications.  In order to make their tasks easier, and more flexible, I’ve developed a number of forms and code modules designed to improve the user experience and intend to share those with you over the next several months.

The first installment of this series focuses on: 
1.  Early vs late binding in the development and deployment process
2.  Creating an Access object which points to Excel
3.  Closing Excel elegantly

Part II will discuss how to:
1.  How to identify and document all open instances of Excel
2.  Identify all of the worksheets and named ranges in an Excel instance

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  1. Robin means says:

    Can u unblock me please or give me step by steps to do it thank u

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