• Develop custom software:
    –  When you recognize that you need customized software to perform specific tasks that you cannot perform with your current systems, or which are repetitive and time consuming, we will create those customized solutions.
    –  When you realize that you need a way to integrate data from multiple data sources, whether they be Excel spreadsheets or line of business (LOB) applications, we do that too.
  • Maintain/Enhance your Access applications:  We frequently encounter situations where an employee creates an application which becomes critical to corporate business processes and then either leaves the company or reaches a point where their skills are not up to adding a feature desired by the leadership.  In those cases, we can maintain, modify, or enhance your existing database application.
  • Upsize your Access database to SQL Server:  When you realize that your database has grown close to the size limits of an Access database (2GB), has more than about 25 simultaneous users, or contains sensitive information which requires greater security than can be provided by an Access database, then it is time to migrate your data to SQL Server.  We can upsize your  data to SQL Server and modify your application to take advantage of server side processing, improving your applications performance.
  • Analyze your data:  If you have data in Excel, Access, SQL Server or other relational databases but don’t know how to make sense of the data, we can import your data into Access, analyze it, and provide reports or recommendations on software designed for creating Business Intelligence out of your data.
  • Provide training and mentorship:  If you have employees who are already using Access who simply need some training or mentorship, we provide those services as well.