Access Shortcut (right-click) Tool

Right-Click (shortcut) menus are in integral part of the Windows     environment and users expect to see them in their custom             applications as well.  However, the shortcut menus built-in to MS Access frequently present users with a full set of options, many of which you might not want them to have in your applications.  In those instances, you can either manipulate the existing shortcut menus, or create your own.

The Access Shortcut Tool allows developers to create their own shortcut (right-click) menus for use in Access applications.  You can start from scratch and create your own menus, utilizing your own, custom functions, or you can simply copy the built-in menus and removed the controls which you don’t want user to have access to.

In versions of Access prior to A2007, there was way to customize your own menus, but this feature was deprecated when 2007 was deployed, making is significantly more difficult to build your own shortcut menus.  You can still do this using macros (ugh) or with extensive amounts of code (see several of my articles on this here, here, and here) or you can use the Access Shortcut Tool to quickly build these menus in a visual manner, rather than by writing a lot of code.

This add-in is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Office and is free to download and use.  I only ask that if you like it, you provide a minimal donation to help offset the costs associated with developing and maintaining the application.

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