Developer Add-ins

In addition to the database development and maintenance services we provide, Developing Solutions also develops custom Add-ins for Microsoft Access which improve the developer experience:

The Access Shortcut Tool is an add-in designed to replace the shortcut (right-click) menu creator that was built-in to A2003 but was left out of 2007 and all subsequent versions of Access.  With this tool, you can:
–  Copy built-in shortcut menus and modify them for your own purposes
–  Create your own shortcut menus
–  Copy shortcut menus created in other applications (along with any custom code associated with those menus)

The Linked Table Manager (LTM) can be used instead of the built-in linked table manager, which has not changed since Access 2000.  The two biggest complaints with the built-in LTM are that the dialog box cannot be sized, and that when relinking tables to multiple data sources, the built-in version asks for a new data source for every linked table (time consuming and very annoying).  Microsoft has created a new Linked Table Manager, but it is only available for Office 365.  The Dev-Soln LTM works with all versions of Access from 2007-2019, and resolves both of the issues listed above.  It can also be used, similar to the External Data ribbon control, to create links to external data sources (currently only Access and SQL Server)

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