Linked Table Manager

Are you ready for a Linked Table Manager (LTM):            
– with a sizable form
– which identifies which connections are valid and how many tables are associated with each connection
– which doesn’t ask you to select the BE multiple times when you’ve identified tables from multiple sources to refresh?

For years, the Access community has been forced to deal with a Linked Table Manager (LTM) which has none of these characteristics.
Although Microsoft recently released a new Linked Table Manager, it is only available in Office 365. Unfortunately, many of us continue to develop in versions of Office ranging from 2007 to 2019 to meet our clients needs.  To deal with this situation, I’ve a LTM for Access and SQL Server (will be expanded to other data sources in the future) which can be used by all versions of Access starting at 2007. This new LTM is efficient, user-friendly, and makes it easy to either refresh links, relink tables, or link new tables from either an Access or SQL Server/Azure backend, all with DSN-less connections.

Additionally, when working with SQL Server/Azure, you can:Linked Table Manager
1.  Select a specific driver or allow the application to select the most recent driver
installed on your computer
2.  Elect to drop or retain the schema name (eg “dbo_”) when you link tables.
3.  Visually identify which tables already exist in your local database.  If you choose to
link those tables again, the application will give you the opportunity to enter the new
name or accept the standard of adding or a numeric value at the end of the table name.

You can read more about the Dev-Soln Linked Table Manager (LTM) in my
Experts-Exchange article.

Current Version 1.15.09


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