De-normalizing data for the user interface

Have you ever wanted to display and edit data in a form that looks like a Cross-Tab query?  A great example of this might be to allow users to enter their hours spent on various projects (rows) for each day (columns) in the current week or month. Last month, during my monthly Access User Groups […]

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Shortcut menus – What is this menu

In preparation for my Skype for Business meeting this morning, I pulled some code I use to determine which shortcut menu I’ve encountered. The file “WhatsThis.bas”  contains three functions. dfcbt_WhatsThisMenuAdd: Adds at item to the bottom of every shortcut menu which will display a popup with the name of the shortcut menu that the item […]

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Make Directory

Ran into a situation this week where one of my clients wanted to save documents to a deeply nested path structure which included their clients name, the calendar year, calendar month, and then the file name.  Unfortunately, many times those paths don’t exist and you cannot simply execute a command like: mkdir “H:\ClientReports\ClientName\2019\January\” to create […]

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